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Our OOH LA LAVENDER Infused Oil is for all of our lavender lovers! Lavender herbs are multi-faceted as they are great for soothing conditions like acne and eczema while also healing inflammation. This infused oil is super lightweight allowing you to replenish without that super greasy feeling.

*4 oz is pictured* *different bottle than pictured*


Directions: For Face- For maximum results, apply once in the morning and night immediately after washing face. For Body- For maximum results, apply daily as desired. For problem areas, apply directly onto area after showering.


Benefits: reduces inflammation, moisturizer, unclogs pores, brightening effects, reduces pigmentation, antibacterial, promotes healing of scars, relaxing effects, calming effects


Ingredients: love, care, time, grapeseed oil, lavender herbs, rosehip oil, essential oils


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