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Our ROSE PETALS Infused Oil is infused with real rose petals and it smells AMAZING. Roses serve as a natural astrigent which is perfect for combating acne and reducing excess oils. Not to mention, this infused oil is so lightweight yet super moisturizing!

*4 oz is pictured* *different bottle than pictured*



For Face- For maximum results, apply once in the morning and night immediately after washing face.

For Body- For maximum results, apply daily as desired. For problem areas, apply directly onto area after showering.


Benefits: natural astrigent, reduces excess oils, combats acne, reduces inflammation, moisturizer, unclogs pores, brightening effects, reduces pigmentation, antibacterial, promotes healing of scars


Ingredients: love, care, time, grapeseed oil, rose herbs, rosehip oil, essential oils


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