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Our nourishing Sunny Hunny N' Oats Soap Bar contains key ingredients of honey and oatmeal which combine to work up an incredible lather. Oatmeal is infused throughout the bar which acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliator. Honey serves as an excellent moisturizer and hydrating source. One side of the bar has the exfoliating oatmeal pieces whilst the other side has an intricate honeycomb design. Perfect for the winter season. 


GREAT FOR: dry, eczema, rough, sensitive skyn types


Benefits: cleansing, purifying, gentle, moisturizing, soothing effects, balancing properties, exfoliating


Made with: love, time, care, shea butter, honey, oatmeal, soap base, eo


*price varies based upon weight*

Sunny Hunny N' Oats

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