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Our all-natural TURMERIC HONEY Facial Cleanser best benefits those who have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. Turmeric Powder is efficient in reducing scarring and acne while Honey decreases bacteria and provides moisture! #ProtectYourSkyn with this super gentle cleanser!


Enjoy your choice of: Unscented, Sunrise (Grapefruit and Orange) or Velvet Galore (Geranium and Lavender).


Directions: Pump onto hands or cleaning cloth and work up a foamy lather onto face in a circular motion. Rinse off and apply toner and/or face serum.


Benefits: cleanses, unclogs pores, moisturizes, promotes softness, soothing, antifungal, improves complexion, antibacterial, reduces inflammation, reduces scarring, reduces acne


Made with: love, care, time, turmeric powder, honey, castile soap, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, EO

TURMERIC HONEY Facial Cleanser

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