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Our WHIPPED-UP BUTTAH has a fluffy and airy texture that literally melts into your skyn and hair! Our key ingredients work together in providing intense moisture that will quickly absorb. It’s so luxurious and rich in texture. Your skyn and hair will thank you later.


*4 oz is pictured.. color and consistency may vary*



SWEET PARADISE: tropical scent with touches of grapefruit, lavender & lemon

VELVET GALORE: floral scent with touches of lavender & geranium

SUNRISE: citrus scent with touches of orange & grapefruit


Directions: Scoop a small amount and apply as desired onto face, body or hair daily, for maximum results. For problem areas, apply directly onto area after showering. To preserve, refrigerate in between uses. 


Due to its oily composition, DO NOT store in temperatures above 75F or it may melt.


Benefits: soothes rashes & eczema, provides moisture, reduces wrinkles, reduces stretch marks, treats acne & blemishes, reduces inflammation, relief to itch & peeling, reduces razor irritation & bumps, antioxidant, antibacterial, promotes hair growth, soothes itchy scalp, promotes shine, protects from heat damage


Ingredients: love, care, time, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, essential oils


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